How is Eligin made?

How is Eligin made?

We believe that natural products can do more than their synthetic substitutes. Unfortunately, the amount of active ingredients in plants varies considerably. And even with ginger, gingerol and shogaol content can be diametrically different. It depends on the place of cultivation, time and method of harvesting.

Selection of ingredients for Eligin

In recent years, the Institute of Global Change Research of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic has carried out a number of tests in which it compared the amount of active substances in ginger from around the world. For the needs of Eligin, they recommended organic ginger from eastern Java. It contains exceptionally high levels of active ingredients and is a product of organic farming.

The process of elicitation

Already, the high content of active ingredients in the raw material is increased by a process called elicitation. The gentle and efficient way is based on traditional methods that have been used by people in Asia for ginger processing for thousands of years.

Vitamin C enrichment

Ginger itself contains trace amounts of vitamin C. However, it also plays an important role as it potentiates the effects of ginger. Therefore, on the recommendation of doctors, ginger extract was enriched with vitamin C.

Closed in a special capsule

The ginger powder resulting from the manufacturing process has a very intense and strongly burning taste. Therefore, it is dosed in protective capsules that prevent burning in the mouth or esophagus. The capsule itself is readily soluble in the intestine.