Is Eligin suitable for children?

Yes, Eligin may also be used by children, but only from the age of 6 years.


What should I do if my heartburns after taking a capsule?

We recommend taking Eligin after a meal and drink plenty of water (ideally up to a glass of cold or very lukewarm fluid).


Is it possible to use Eligin for a long time?

Yes, ginger and vitamin C do not accumulate in the body and can therefore be used in the long term.


Are there any medications I can´t take during using Eligin?

It is not advisable to use Eligin for stomach upsets. We do not recommend it for people taking blood dilution drugs (eg. Warfarin) and in case of gallbladder stones Eligin usage should be consulted with doctor.


Can Eligin be used if I´m undergoing chemotherapy?

Yes, we recommend to begin using Eligin 1 to 2 days in advance. Some studies have shown that ginger is as effective in reducing the symptoms of nausea and vomiting in chemotherapy as modern antiemetics.


It is said, that ginger has to be heated before its use? Do I have to put Eligin into a glass and spill it with hot water?

No, it’s not necessary with Eligin. The ginger that we process into Eligin is already heated (this is the part of the so-called elicitation process), precisely because than it contains higher levels of active ingredients. Do not spill hot water over Eligin and there is also no need to heat it any other way.


Can Eligin be used during pregnancy?

Yes, it is possible. There are several studies of the use of ginger during pregnancy and no negative effects have been demonstrated.


Can I use Eligin if I’m breast feeding my baby?

You should be cautious if using Eligin during breast-feeding. The ginger is hot and it is possible that the hot taste will also be transferred to the milk. Therefore, consult your child’s doctor about this option.


How long exactly (it is stated “short term”) is it possible to use Eligin Organic at the increased doses of 12 capsules?

Short-term use means a period of about 2 weeks. If ginger food supplements are taken at high doses for a long time (over 30 days), they can cause gastric mucosal irritation.