About Eligin

Eligin is extra strong ginger

  • For immunity support
  • Manufactured from high-quality organic ginger
  • Highly efective drug
  • With vitamin C added, reinforcing the effect of ginger
  • In special capsules for total reduction of fiery taste
  • Developed by leading Czech scientists


Why has Eligin been created?

Ginger has always been a part of traditional natural healing: for immunity reinforcement, securing normal digestive functioning and blood circulation system and for maintaining optimal sugar level in blood. But not every root that gets to the czech market has the same content of the active substance. The quality greatly varies. A customer has no chance to find out a real quality of a root he purchased. Furthermore, the level of active substance is not enough in itself, the effect of consumed ginger depends also on a way in which it is consumed. The right processing or consumption of ginger can activate its substances.

We have the level of active substances of ginger roots measured in several renowned laboratories by using different roots from all around the world and chosen the one, its level of two main active substances have been highly above average. We have been able to maximalize the level of these thanks to a special technology called elicitation. Finally, we have added a vitamin C into the drug after reccomendation of several doctors who claim it has enhancing effect on ginger.

The ginger powder in Eligin is very strong, but thanks to special capsules that dissolve in the gut you will not experience its typical fiery feeling in mouth and stomach, but if you prefer its taste, just pour the powder from the capsule on a spoon and eat it, or add it into some hot drink.


When to use Eligin?

Eligin is produced from high-quality organic ginger that has wide range of applications. With vitamin C added, the effect of Eligin is even greater.

There are many effects of ginger on human health that have been discovered. It was found out, that substances in ginger and its extracts:

  • Help to support immune system
  • Help to suppress vomiting
  • Contribute to normal digestion
  • Have antioxidant effect
  • Are anti-inflammatory
  • Contribute to right function of respiratory system
  • Help maintain healthy level of sugar and fats in blood
  • Help maintain the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system
  • Supports good health during traveling

Vitamin C:

  • Contributes to a normal function of the immune system
  • Is necessary for collagen production


Why to use Eligin

1. Extra high active substance content

The power of ginger lies in two main substances – 6-gingerol and 6-shogaol. The content of these vary greatly from root to root and depends on its geographical origin and season of harvest. We use a high quality material for Eligin with level of active substances greatly above average. Our ginger comes from Indonesia and it is a product of ecological agriculture.

Comparison of level of gingerol and shogaol:

Source 6-gingerol (μg/g) 6-shogaol (μg/g)
Fresh ginger – Thailand 79,78 1,13
Fresh ginger – China 180,36 1,94
Fresh organic ginger – China 134,25 1,38
Fresh organic ginger – Uganda 407,34 5,95
Eligin 8005,169 3867,090

Source: Laboratory of research of global changes analysis AV ČR, v. v. i., January 2017.


2. Unique processing

High active substance level is not enough on itself, correct processing is needed. Maximum level of the mentioned substances is achieved by process called elicitation.


3. Simple composition – just an organic ginger and vitamin C

Because there is not enough vitamin C in ginger, defined amount of it has been added into the final product, improving its effects.


4. Eligin does not have a hot taste

Even though the ginger in capsules is very strong, its taste is not hot at all thanks to the special enteric-coated capsules that dissolve in gut, so you will not experience its typical taste.


5. It is suitable for children

Eligin can be used by adults and children from age of 6.


Eligin is registered as a dietary supplement, there are no clinical studies dealing with Eligin.

Manufacturer of Eligin is Kitl Ltd. Pasířská 60, Jablonec n/N, 466 01 CZE