Kitl Eligin Bio 120 + 10 extra capsules

Kitl Eligin Bio 120 + 10 extra capsules

Limited packaging Kitl Eligin Organic 120 + 10 extra capsules. Eligin is an extra strong ginger to support immunity with vitamin C. We make it from high-quality organic ginger, which contains a high amount of active substances 6- shogaol and 6- gingerol. Kitl Eligin Organic is in special capsules to relieve pungency. It is registered as a food supplement.

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Recommended dosage of Eligin:

  • For non-specific increase in body resistance in body resistance = 2-3 capsules twice daily on a long-term basis
  • To support immunity in acute conditions = up to 12 capsules daily for a short time
  • To suppress vomiting (e.g., during pregnancy and travelling) = 2 capsules twice daily

Higher doses only after consultation with a doctor. Take with a meal, drink plenty of water. Eligin is not indicated for children under 6 years of age.

Kitl Eligin BIO is registered as a food supplement. Contents: 120 + 10 extra capsules / 350 mg

Ingredients (in one 350 mg capsule): ginger extract * 292 mg (Zingiber officinale Rosc L.), vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) 58 mg (73 % RI**). The soluble capsule is made of hypromellose and gellan gum. The ginger extract in one capsule contains 2801 µg of (6) -gingerol and 1353 µg of (6) -shogaol ***.

*) from organic farming, **) reference intake, ***) analysis of a laboratory of the Global Change Research Institute CAS, January 2017.