Kitl Eligin Bio 120 + 10 extra capsules

Kitl Eligin Bio 120 + 10 extra capsules

Limited packaging Kitl Eligin Organic 120 + 10 extra capsules. Eligin is an extra strong ginger to support immunity with vitamin C. We make it from high-quality organic ginger, which contains a high amount of active substances 6- shogaol and 6- gingerol. Kitl Eligin Organic is in special capsules to relieve pungency. It is registered as a food supplement.

31,95 EUR
0,25 EUR / 1 capsule

More information

Weight100 g
Dimensions74x74x68 mm
Volume130 capsule
EAN859 52510 8610 8
pcs in a box4 pcs
Suitable for vegetarians / vegansYes
Catalog number1082
Warranty36 months